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Spaceflight has developed a series of flight support equipment and systems to accommodate a wide range of small spacecraft.  SHERPA can accommodate and deploy multiple satellites. The use of standard interfaces and containerized dispensers reduces launch procurement and integration time to a matter of months.

Interested in launching on SHERPA? 
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Spaceflight Launch Manifest

SHERPA also has accommodations for hosted payloads

SHERPA Q3 2015

Hosted Payload Options






 The Spaceflight Payload User’s Guide has the technical specifications of all these adapters, including payload requirements for use.

SHERPA in the News

Spaceflight Inc. Announces SHERPA Launch Service Agreement to Deploy 1200 Kilograms of Small Satellite Payloads

Spaceflight Inc. Completes SHERPA Design Review, Announces Hosted Payload Opportunities

Other Launch Options

To maximize the amount of launch opportunities for small satellites, Spaceflight also manifests and integrates spacecraft on non-EELV launch vehicles.


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